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12:56 PM

 My new business venture in 2018 is credit repair as an agent with FES. I decided to join FES because I am already familiar with how to repair credit and it just made sense to be able to offer this services to others who are trying to make a better way financially. 

Today I just want to share some credit information with you all.

  • No matter how many times a debt is sold and resold, the date that counts for the 7 year credit report clock, is the date of delinquency with the original creditor. 
  • If an account is listed on your report as a paid collection or paid after chargeoff, it is still negatively impacting your score. 
  • The law requires the credit reporting agency to verify the credit information, not the careful. These are NOT one in the same. The creditor is WHO you owe the debt to...the credit information is your actual application/contract WITH the creditor. 
Follow me on Instagram: @chiccreditsolutions for more tips like this! If you are in need of credit restoration, please enroll in the FES Protection Plan and change your life for the better.

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