Make Money Without Leaving Your Couch *Update Post*

11:21 AM

Happy Sunday!! Here is the deal on Ebates, Dosh, and Instacart.....Let's start with Instacart. I didn't go to the orientation/interview. I just cant bring myself to give up my Sundays like that. I also can't be held to a set schedule even if I set it myself. It's a no for me. Good luck to anyone that DID sign up for Instacart.

Ebates is next. So you guys just don't want to sign up or what? Anyway, I'm still making money on Ebates and the one thing I need to do is link my cards so I can get in-store cash back from some of these stores. I havent been in a rush to do that because I do 95% of my clothes shopping online. Sign up today and get $10

And finally Dosh, I made $55.02. So, not everyone linked their cards that I referred and the $15 special expired so now they are only paying $5. Also, SO many people were signing up that a wait list was created and of course that halted plenty of people from completing the sign up. But something is better than nothing. See my original post for more details.

Since my last post, I have also signed up to be a credit repair agent and started Chic Credit Solutions. If you are interested in credit repair or to becoming a business partner and credit repair agent, please click HERE. I would love for you to join me. This is actually something you can do from your home and it comes with some great extras. Contact me today!

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