The Great Investment: Finance Chapter Notes

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The Great Investment By T. D. Jakes

This is an amazing book filled with great information and if you feel like you need to get your Faith, Family and Finances in order,this is a great way to begin. I am currently on the Family section but I just have to share some notes from the Finance section. I am going to be doing this often since I purchased $100 worth of books from the half price book store recently. Join me on my journey to self-development and check out my notes from the Finance section of The Great Investment! 

We need to invest in faith, family and finance and let these three form the foundation of all our success

Current assets should be approx. 2x greater than current liabilities

The gifts God has given you are enough to bring you before great men

There is grace to endure hardships that reveal God

Just because one experiences God in poverty doesn't mean that poverty is godliness

As God blesses you, there is a greater need to be a good steward

Seek the giver, not the gift

It is the pursuit of God and His righteousness, faith and love that allows the other things to come your way

Draw contentment from Christ no matter the stage of your life

He supplies my wants and releases my prosperity in the increments I can handle

The miracle begins when we remove the training wheels of dependency on others

Prosperity begins with strength for the journey

God provides just enough

God miraculously sustains us, then delivers us from this place of want

It is crucial that you do not allow your progress to become paralyzed by a lack of faith brought on by a lack of funds

Creativity is the source of wealth and creativity comes from the Creator

Part of being a good steward is doing the most with the amount God gave you

Your talent is given to you to be multiplied

Financial success will come only to those who take what they have been given and invest it, plant it in good soil  in hopes of a good harvest

God doesn't mind you having money but he minds money having you

God can release financial increase to those who will not be controlled by the love of money

The endurance, perseverance and hard work necessary for success prepare you to plant and receive multiple harvests

It is your wisdom and ability to handle success that causes God to invest in you even more

The greater domains are given to those who possess the greatest ability to manage God's blessing

Generosity protects us from falling prey to the sin of serving money

Success demands an effective plan

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