Marshall's Haul 10/8/16

3:36 PM

A weekend isn't complete without a trip to Marshall's, TJMaxx or Home Goods. I thought I would be able to only visit once a month but who really has that kind of will power?

My boyfriend had to return something to TJ Maxx and I had to re-up on this Blossom Water that I absolutely loooove. The flavor is Plum Jasmine if you can find any. I was in Marshall's and TJMaxx last night and I purchased 10 bottles. But let's talk about these lip masks and brow kit I got for $5 each. If you are familiar with lip masks then you know these are all the rage and the most popular are the Sephora Masks that are $5 each. There are 5 masks in this pack so I would say that's quite a deal.

I decided to try out this brow kit for no other reason than the fact that it cost less than the brow pomade I purchased from ULTA, And it comes with brushes. I might update this post to let you all know what I think about both the masks and this kit.

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