Leveling Up

5:00 AM

If you read my post a few weeks ago, you know that I have entered into a season of self-development. I am constantly searching for new material to read in order to stay positive, keep my energy high and stay close to God. I discovered a blog named Life Made to Order, and there are some really good posts and podcasts over there. The content is mostly about the law of attraction and manifesting but it's very relevant to my life right now. I took some notes from a post a few weeks ago and I just want to share them because it spoke to me and could really be beneficial to someone else.

  1. Linking the idea of leveling up with a celebration instead of dread creates a different energy in your being. You'll be happy to filter opportunities, to take on different tasks and to connect with more folks when you feel the benefits of vibing higher.
  2. When you vibe higher you will experience greater freedom and responsibility.
  3. Don't worry; it's fun to be freer and to do the things that prosper you and others.
  4. As you level up, you get a chance to practice energetic discernment, picking and choosing only what feels fun to you.
  5. As the opportunities increase, so does your clarity. 

Positive vibes only  J

Source: https://www.livelifemadetoorder.com/blog/level-up-responsibility/ 

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