Crockpot Veggie Lasagna Soup

6:00 PM

I cook often but I have NEVER blogged about it and today I am making Veggie Lasagna Soup. I'm not going to go into details about everything because the link for the recipe is below. I cook quite a few things from Pinterest so feel free to browse my other pins while you're at it. I'm going to share more of my cooking skills and since this is soup season there will be plenty for me to share.

2 Zucchinis, one yellow onion and crushed tomatoes are what I used. The recipe calls for mushrooms....I left out the mushrooms because I dislike them.

Broth and seasoning shown here. 

Veggies and seasonings have to cook for awhile before you add the lasagna noodles and spinach. 

This is the ricotta cheese topping. It's just ricotta cheese, mozzarella and herbs.  I used dried parsley and basil instead of fresh herbs. I actually forgot to buy them yesterday, so yeah. It tastes fine. 

The finished product....minus the spinach because I forgot that also, but I added to the crockpot AFTER I took the pic. I started cooking at 11am and we had dinner at 5:15pm. It takes about 7 hours if the setting is on low.  Here is the recipe courtesy of Pinterest with all the details. It definitely has some kick because of the red pepper flakes, but I like it. 

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