TjMaxx Haul 9/24/16

1:09 PM

Today I stopped in a TJ Maxx that I have never been to before. And I have to say that I definitely got some chic finds! But if you shop at TJ Maxx, Marshall's or Home Goods then you already know that it can really go down once you step foot in any of the three.

I buy candles from TJ Maxx, Marshall's or Home Goods about every 6 weeks. My favorite brand is DW because they really fill the room with the most amazing scents.The purple candle above is their brand and this is actually in a jar I haven't seen before.  I am also really fond of the Eadie & Wallace brand but I have only been able to find two scents in the past years that I like. They don't carry this brand often in my area either.

Also pictured are Lavender Honey Spoons for tea. Although I forgot to pick up a box of green tea, I can't wait to try these out.

You can never have too many beauty blenders since they aren't the easiest thing to clean. This blender is black, which I like, and it also has a flat edge on one end. Hopefully it works out well for blending concealer under my eyes.

I try to take the natural route whenever possible and I came across toothpaste by Kiss My Face and Natural Pain Relief Oil by Plantlife. The toothpaste has no fluoride, artificial colors or artificial sweeteners. I intend to use the pain relief oil after I have tough workouts that leave me sore for days.

So last but not least, Grounded Coffee Scrub! I have seen bloggers posting about this and I
 have had some friends tell me that I should try it out. Well, I finally got my hands on some. The labels says its perfect for relaxing muscles after a workout. So we shall see. Also pictured is calming pillow spray and a bar of wild argan oil massage soap from The Body Shop.

I will be sharing my hauls each month, so check back often for all of my chic finds!

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