Can You Believe This About Fast Fashion!?

10:44 AM

As usual, I am sharing some information from over at The Fashion Law. I love a trend just as much as the next girl....actually maybe a little less than the next girl, BUT, I also like to feel like my money has been well spent. I'm not going to say that I do not purchase from "fast fashion" companies but I tend to purchase less from them because of quality and also the fact that I can't really wear majority of their pieces to work.

During my weekly reading of The Fashion Law, I learned these 5 things about fast fashion. I won't say I am completely surprised but geesh!

  1. The fashion industry is designed to make you feel "out of trend" after one week. Hmmmmmmm....
  2. "Discounts" aren't really discounts. This was no surprise....
  3. There is lead and hazardous chemicals on your clothing. So that's what that weird smell is..... 
  4. Clothing is designed to fall apart. Hence why my purchases from these places are limited...
  5. Beading and sequins are an indication of child labor. WHY!?

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