How Do You Pay Down Credit Card Debt?

12:05 PM

I was at work today thinking about what credit card I am paying off next and a just a general plan for the coming months.  I have always paid off the card with the lowest balance first and then work on paying off the card(s) with the higher balance. Now, I’m beginning to think that isn’t the correct order in which I should do it at all.

I already know that the best thing to do is pay off ALL balances at the end of the month, but currently, I am not in a position to do that….plus I have a shopping habit…so that’s that. 

I have 2 cards that have balances of $600, 2 that have balances of $1400. Now those cards aren’t anywhere near the limit but they still need to be at $0 ASAP! I just have a love/hate relationship with credit and tend to get caught up sometimes. Credit in my opinion is a complete scam but you can’t really live without it *rolls eyes*. You need credit to PROVE that you can afford other s___ like a car, house, and anything else you want to finance.

If you have credit cards, please share how you pay your credit cards. Is there a method to your credit madness?

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