My Sudden Dislike for Jeggings and a Few Other Things.....

10:14 AM

In the last year or so I have discovered that I do not like jeggings. I do not like skinny jeans. I do not like linen. I know you might be reading this like okay so what DO you like. Well just so you know, if I like it I may or may not mention it at all. But if I DON'T like something I will discuss it.

I am knock-kneed, which means my knees touch on the inside and I have thick-ish thighs. So recently I realized that I don't like my pants to be so tight around these areas. It's uncomfortable and it doesn't look good on me. I have discovered that straight leg jeans are better for me.

Now, the next thing is linen. It makes me itch, I don't like the way it washes and wrinkles....that's pretty much it. I was on Madewell's site this morning and all of their cute tees in the sale section were linen, blaaaaaah to them!

Just a mid week rant for you good folks. Hope you enjoy the rest of the week and don't forget to use Ebates when shopping so you can get some of that money back that I know you have been spending!

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