Girl's Night Out

11:52 AM


Went out for a girl's night this Friday at Tani Sushi Bistro in Clayton. They recently moved into a new location and while it's an upgrade from the last spot, its still rather tight. 

I had at least three different outfits in mind but how can you lose with a black t-shirt dress and a black leather jacket? You can't, you just can't! If you have been following my blog, then you know Im am converting my wardrobe to all neutrals and it makes my life so much easier.


My Blue Lychee Martini that wasnt as sweet as I would have liked but that guy's arm on the right side shows just how close the tables are. Makes it difficult to have a conversation at dinner.


For appetizers my friend ordered calamari and I had shrimp gyoza.


And sushi! The OMG roll that comes out on fire. Well the fire is actually on the plate. This is a pic of what it looks like once the fire dies out. Great food and laughs! 

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