Are You Boycotting Black Friday?

10:04 AM

Many organizations or supporters of  many causes are calling for another boycott this upcoming Black Friday. But I'm not sure they fully understand that "Black Friday" is no longer just a day for sales......many of these sales begin WEEKS before the actual day. The same goes for "Cyber Monday". While Black Friday may just be a shopping tradition for some folks, it looks like it is becoming more of a season for retailers. The same sales you see in the next few weeks will be the same sales you see on November 27th. There may be a few products added or deleted from the sale but for the most part, it will all be the same.  At least that appears to be the trend. I shop when I want and since discovering that Black Friday and Cyber Monday isn't all its hyped up to be, there is no need for ME to boycott something on one day that is happening damn near the entire month of November.

 If these organizations can get folks to stop shopping for the ENTIRE holiday season, that would truly be something but not without dire consequences to the very folks they want rights for. It really is a catch 22. The same impoverished and/or struggling group of people that these organizations are standing up for are the sames ones that have to punch a clock at these retailers they want to boycott. So if no one shops during the holiday season, that means less hours, which in turn means even less money. Just a little food for thought. I won't be telling or suggesting to anyone, what to do with their money this holiday season. But I will suggest that whatever you decide to do, that you be a blessing to someone else and sow a seed into someone else's life.

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