Stella is Suing Steve!

10:00 AM

I came across an article this morning stating that Stella McCartney is suing Steve Madden  for selling a falabella look-a-like. The IRONY!  I just purchased the Steve Madden Totally Tote on Friday (see previous post).

While I completely understand Stella's stance, come on Stella! Everyone can't afford a faux leather bag that costs more than $1000. 

In front of a packed audience during a Vogue Festival one year, designer Stella McCartney revealed that she found coming across knock-offs of her bags “flattering”, in that if her designs are desirable enough to be copied, then she’s clearly doing something right.
But McCartney is no fool, as court papers filed in New York this week show – especially when it comes to a billion-dollar brand ripping off one of her designs.
Steve Madden is the offending company, who McCartney’s people are accusing of selling a 'poorly-made... knock-off of [her] famous Falabella Foldover Tote bag'.

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