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As many of you may know, I started an online boutique in 2011. In December of 2013, I scaled back my business tremendously to focus more on blogging but also to get my personal life in order. I transitioned Chic 8 Boutique to

I have been battling with the thought of completely re-launching but I am just discouraged by merchandise selections. So what I intend to do is just go back to my original plan of providing key accessories and clothing to enhance your wardrobe, but only ONCE a month.

These pieces will be known as the Monthly Chic Pick and will be available for purchase at Also available for purchase will be ChicStylez' accessory subscription, Chic-in-a-Box.

Big thanks to all of you that have been along for the ride since 2011 and a special thanks to those of you that have been down since the beginning of this blog, 2007.

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