The Silence of Bey

10:22 AM

I just read this article over at the New York Times about Beyoncé and I must admit that she is a genius! Here are the excerpts that made me go, hmmmmmmm;

It is part of the bargain struck between celebrities and the news media, where face time and a few juicy first-person revealations are traded for a starring role.
But inside Vogue's September issue, Beyoncé says not a word.
It may be unusual for Vogue, whose representatives declined to comment, but it is no longer unusual for Beyoncé. At some imperceptible point around 2013 to 2014, she appears to have stopped giving face-to-face interviews. A member of her team told a reporter in May that despite numerous apperarances, she had not answered a direct question in more than a year. Her publicist declined to clarify this stance. (When Beyoncé does anwer questions, it tends be in writing or, for TV, taped.)
"She's been able to reach this level of stardom in which she's manage -- in a way that I really think is unique even among other black women entertainers -- hyper-visability and inaccessibility simutaneously," Professor Brooks said. 

With so many celebrites being misquoted and having their works chopped and screwed by all forms of media, I think that this is the most genius thing a celebrity has done. To literally NOT answer any direct questions in over a year is definitely a power move.

 These are just my opinions and I am by no means a Beyoncé stan, but much respect to Bey.

Source: Beyoncé is Seen But Not Heard, New York Times

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