Final Sale

3:01 PM

I absolutely love a sale. I love the feeling of getting a great deal on quality merchandise. When I get an item that is regularly priced at $100 for $20 or less, I am filled with an overwhelmingly amount of joy.  Shoes, clothing, bedding, food, kitchenware, cleaning supplies, the list goes on of all the things I love to save money on!

But there is something about the feeling of being stuck with a purchase that I just cannot deal with. I recently purchased a pair of pants from J. Crew, I thought they had been on my wishlist long enough and I needed to just purchase said pants at the amazing price they were marked down to. Im talking 75% off! I received the pants and the quality was great but they were too big! Oh and did I mention they were Final Sale? So, I put them on ebay where they have been sitting for the past 30+ days with no takers.

I really do understand the final sale concept. Especially when stores need to clean house and make room for the new stuff, but it doesnt make me feel any better about purchasing. I am more likely to hesitate on completing a purchase when Final Sale is my only option, especially online.


ChicStylez, the avid online shopper with 55 final sale items in my cart.......................

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