8 Reasons to Create a Promotion Plan for your Fashion Business

3:48 PM

You may not think that you need a plan when it comes to promoting your business. Maybe you have been "winging it" from the very start and it's working out in your favor. But no matter what your business is, planning can be extremely beneficial. The objective of advertising and other promotional activities is to communicate with your target audience about your company or brand.

Promotion objectives are statements that determine what needs to be accomplished by the promotion plan. Here are eight objectives you can start using today to map out your plan;

Objective 1: Introduce new products

Objective 2: Inform about merchandise assortment

Objective 3: Establish fashion authority

Objectve 4: Present special merchandise, prices or themes

Objective 5: Attract new customers

Objective 6: Reach persons who influence the purchaser

Objective 7: Identify and differentiate brands

Objective 8: Build Traffic

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Pic Credit: Hayden Williams

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