Why Are Public Bathrooms SO disgusting?

11:08 AM

I have been wanting to write a post on public bathrooms for at least a year or more. I had a plan to take pictures of the bathrooms in the St. Louis Galleria mall as well as the Target stores I frequent but I always forget to grab my camera. Anyway, they are disgusting. Just flat out gross.  I happen to use the bathroom A LOT so this is like an epidemic or something that really irritates me to no end.

I will start with Target. Target bathrooms aren't so much dirty as they are smelly. There are at least 5 locations that I frequent and all 5 are either smelly, dirty or both. I know that the people that work there use the restroom at least once a day so you would think they would constantly spray febreeze or SOMETHING. There are all kind of solutions so I just don't understand why they don't so something about this.  Now the St. Louis Galleria Mall is suppose to be one of our higher end malls and the bathrooms are falling apart. The locks don't work on the doors and again, the smell is sickening. I know there are reasons WHY the bathrooms smell, but there are quick fixes for this problem. More maintenance workers on duty and actually doing their job would be a huge help. Better bathrooms would make for a better shopping experience overall.

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