Must Haves for a Neutral Wardrobe

4:31 PM

I have made the ultimate decision to transition my wardrobe to nothing but neutral colors. Black, Grey, Khaki, Blush, White, Cream, and sometimes Navy. I believe your wardrobe should be versatile and the
only way that I envision versatility in MY wardrobe is by converting everything over to neutrals. This will make my work life, as well as my play life so much more simple. I also feel like there is an amazing amount of Chic that comes from a neutral wardrobe.

The pieces above are a great way to get started. This might seem bland but that's where accessories and handbags can add the umph you need.
Since I am in transition, I am listing all of my pre-loved pieces that didn’t make the cut on my Ebay store. Click HERE to be taken directly to my listings.

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