Getting My Blog Organized

4:45 PM

I recently read Fashion 2.0: Blogging Your Way to the Front Row because I thought it would provide me with some great info. I feel the need to REALLY focus more on my blog and get back to why I started this thing in the first place. Content is really an issue for me and it causes such anxiety! Like, I just don’t want to post the same thing that everyone else is posting. I know that is highly unpreventable but I am constantly looking for a purple cow in every situation, same but different.  Another issue for me is the fact that I despise writing. Sure I can write about how I feel and my opinion on things but it never seems like enough.  But despite all of that I have decided to get organized and get serious. Here are 3 things that I will start doing to organize my blog posts in the future:

1.     Start a blogging calendar

2.     Jot down ideas as they come to mind

3.     Stick to the calendar

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  1. where did you get yours?! i had the library order it but they said it could take 6 weeks!

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    2. Amazon, its also on Kindle

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