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8:08 AM

 I just want to rant a bit about a recent experience on Ebay. I sold the shorts shown below for $5 to a buyer that goes by the name "fashion guru" (not her exact username). The buyer paid about $9 with shipping. She says that the rip was too high and the person must have been holding the shorts up because it didn't look that high in the pic. Clearly the shorts are not being held up but whatever. I told her that I do not accept refunds or exchanges but if she wants to send them back, I will refund her the $5. Now this has been since early June and I hadn't received the shorts back so I thought she just said forget it.

I just so happen to have listed some new items this week and I noticed that I had new feedback. And one of them was from fashion guru:

Neutral feedback ratingRip way bigger than perceived. Wasn't willing to refund.

I was a bit irritated so I messaged her to find out why she would lie when I clearly told her that I would take the shorts back. She stated that she didn't state anything wrong and that I wouldn't refund her shipping and she would have to pay to send them back as well.  I told her that there are very FEW retailers that will refund shipping and that the feedback was unreasonable. She continues to message me and state that I need more experience in retail and to enjoy the shorts AND her money, exclamation point........BLANK STARE. I proceeded with a reply advising that I have plenty of retail experience and that she never returned the shorts in the first place.

I ended up calling Ebay to find out how to block her and add a reply to her lying feedback. I wasn't wrong in this case at all and I just don't like vindictive people. If I was Forever 21 she wouldn't be acting a damn fool with me. They don't give cash back nor do they refund shipping costs. The End.

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  1. And the best part about this is that they were $9 shipped.

    Maybe she has a curvier bum and that's why it sits higher up (or she's heavier and hiking the shorts up on her body).

    In any case you showed the rip. If she had concerns she could have asked... And she only paid $9. So if they didn't work out, meh, that's the joy of buying online.

    Only store I know of that offers free returns (shipping included) is Nordstroms... But Nordie's isn't exactly selling $5 shorts


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