Dressed Down

8:35 AM

I love an event that gives me an opportunity to actually put on clothes and be the fabulous and chic person that I am. Too many times I see events posted and I start putting an outfit together in my head. Most times I have something marinating on the back burner and I think "YES! Finally somewhere to put this into play". I get all jazzed up, just to be standing in a room full of denim and spandex and NOT the chic kind. This is exactly what happened last night.

My friend and I got wind of the event late last week, put together our looks and got ready to attend First Fridays at the Ritz Carlton in Clayton. This isn't the first time that I have been to this event AT this location so I just knew that it would be NICE. Gentlemen Jack Whiskey was the sponsor so with paid admission we received 2 free drinks,which is always a plus. After 5 attire was highly suggested but about half of the attendees disregarded that suggestion. I mentioned to my friend that we get ourselves all worked up and start to second guess our attire because of what we KNOW others will be wearing. I just have to remind myself that there is nothing wrong with being the best dressed in the room.

 I hope the next few events I attend will be more fulfilling to my fashion appetite.

"The venue should dictate your attire"

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  1. I once put on a huge fashion fundraiser (actually, the first fashion show JustLiv ever participated in) and the dress code was stated on everything (tickets, promo material, website, etc) as cocktail attire.

    While 90% of people followed that... There were a few people who decided to show up in jeans and t shirts. Such ridiculousness. Only they were the ones that people were staring at.

    1. Its so aggravating! Fashion Week is coming up here so I hope to be both inspired and impressed

  2. I am just now reading this and must say that last line "there is nothing wrong with being the best dressed in the room" was the best way to put that night!! You looked FAB!! and very CHIC!!


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