Shopping with Dogs?

10:45 AM

This morning I was talking to my co-worker about how big her dog is and she mentioned that she can’t wait to take her dog shopping. She told me that she will be taking her dog to the new outlet mall that just opened in Chesterfield. I was like, wait a minute, can the dogs go in the store with you??? She proceeded to show me pictures that she had taken while in the Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store on Sunday.  Clear as day, there was a guy shopping with his little dog on a leash. She said that while she was in the store there were two dogs with their owners.
I am not a dog lover, I don’t even LIKE dogs but I can tolerate them if I am in their home but what I won’t do is shop with dogs. First of all, it’s extremely unsanitary. Dogs lick, pee, poop, sneeze, chew, you get the point, on anything.  And that’s fine if your dog is trained, but there are some that are not. And just like those parents who don’t think their kids are bad as hell there are some dog owners who think the same about their dogs.  It’s enough to worry about what a human might have done to a piece of clothing while they were in the dressing room or when they took it home, then returned it.  As much as it hurts my heart, I can’t do it.
And what about the people who are allergic to dogs??? This is NOT chic at all.

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