The BET Awards 2013

9:05 AM

The 2013 BET Awards aired Sunday night and it was one of THE best BET award shows that I have seen in a very long time. But with that being said, it was sad day for stylists….or so it seemed if you were on Twitter or Instagram during the pre-show  and beyond. Red Carpet events are a great opportunity for stylists to really showcase their skills but it seems that many either dropped the ball or let their clients pick out whatever they wanted to wear. I am not dissing anyone, I am just stating what everyone else was tweeting and or tweegraming about Sunday night.  In my opinion, the need to be different or take fashion risks is starting to outweigh looking decent and appropriate. I think that a lot of folks that attended the awards this Sunday, didn’t take it as serious as they would take the Grammy’s or the American Music Awards. Men should be in formal separates (for example: Bow Wow) or in a suit or tux. And I don’t want to hear about how hot it was in L.A. cause plenty men had on leather and/or faux leather out there from head to toe. Women have more options.  They have the choice of dressy separates, gowns, dresses with appropriate hem lines as well as suits or tuxedos. I have so much more I can say but I know it will turn into a bash fest and that’s not what I do here. So I will just share with you the looks that I loved. Chic!



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