Fashion Networking

9:43 PM

The "How to Make it in Fashion" conference was held in June in New York City where industry pros sat on several panels and shared success stories and networking tips. Below are a couple of tips provided by Alisa Gould-Simon (co-founder of style app Pose) and John Jannuzzi (contributing editor at Lucky Magazine) to name a few.

1. Do Network with Your Peers-"If you are reaching out to like-minded people always remember that they want the same thing" (Jannuzzi)

2. Do Take Advantage of LinkedIn

3. Do Ask for Informational Interview- "The more you get to know people the more you connect" (Gould-Simon)

4. Do Try and Find a Mentor

5. Don't Always Expect a Reply

6. Do Over-perform

Read more about the conference here

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