Stylish Tots

10:24 AM

There is an instagram page by the name of FashionKids and they post pics if little kids in the most fabulous outfits. Sometimes people comment and say that the child looks "too grown" or the clothing makes them look "too sexy". Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so here is mine.

I will begin with some facts. During the 16th century,children dressed as their elders did. If you were a child of the Royal family you would have been subjected to clothing made of heavy velvets, brocades and silk. The same style and designs of the Kings and Queens of the time. This pretty much continues in the following centuries,ittle girls are dressed in the mini version of the adult women's style. For boys, their style transforms into pieces that dont restrict them as much when they are outside playing. But there are still waist coats or jackets and trousers, the same as adult men.

In the 1920's the style of children's clothing began to transform. Puffed sleeves and princess line dresses for the girls and jackets and knickers for the boys.

In my opinion, these pictures show their parents have amazing style and their child is "put together" for lack of a better expression. Children do not always have to wear cartoon characters and elastic waist pants. Not that there is anythig wrong with either because I have purchased my fair share. But I believe that some like to make nothing into something and most times that is when something so irrelevant is turned into a scandal.

Just my Chic thoughts! See below for screenshots of a few stylish tots!

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