What is the big DEAL?

12:32 PM

Today, I want to discuss heel height. Recently I have come across twitter posts, facebook stats and or comments about the height of heels. Some to the effect of:

“Death to the kitten heel”


“Kill yo’ self if you wear pumps are 3 ½ inches or less”


I can’t say that I’m offended but I will say that when I see these things I’m completely thrown off. When did heel height determine how stylish you are? I don’t wear sneakers often and I don’t believe that a mature woman should own more sneakers than pumps, flats, or driving loafers. But I don’t go around saying things like “Any girl in a pair of Jordans should go play in traffic”. What do I care?

I am from St. Louis, Missouri and I have seen several women, I use that word loosely, in heels with heights of up to 6 ½ inches at least…..and they looked ridiculous from head to toe.
I was in a club for my birthday and I knew I was in the wrong place because every girl in the place had on flat shoes or boots. Now I’m not saying there is anything wrong with flats, but most times it has a lot to do with a girl’s age and/or maturity level. I was surrounded by individuals that I wouldn’t normally hang around and I was ready to go.

Personally, I love heels. I wish I could wear them all the time but the fact of the matter is it is physically impossible. As much as I love heels, I love being barefoot more. I have inherited bad knees and weak ankles and that makes wearing shoes, any type of shoe, extremely uncomfortable at times. There are times that I simply suffer through it because I have my own rules about what type of shoe to wear in a particular setting.

All I’m saying is, your 6 inch platforms don’t make you any more fashionable or stylish than the next person. And you’re completely worried about the wrong thing if you are concerned with what size heel is on another person’s shoe.

Everyone has their own style identity, at least they should, and the height of your heels doesn’t determine if you even HAVE style.

Can I Live?

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