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Check out chic online boutique owner, Angela Washington and what she has to say about owning her own business!

Boutique TenOEight is a new online boutique based out of St. Louis Missouri. Founded in 2010, owner Angela Washington wanted a boutiqe wih limited and exclusive designs. I decided to reach out to all up and coming St. Louis designers to display their new lines on the website. St. Louis has a lot of talent and I figured an online boutique would help with getting each designer on a national level. Boutique TenOEight has shoes, purses, and custom made jewelry. Our local designers are Veria Poche, Alison Nosila and Z.Bailey Clothing. We welcome I decided to start a online boutique because just like any other woman, I love shopping! I dislike going to the malls and in the past year 90% of my clothes and shoes are from a online store. Sometimes for a special event I would call a local designer and get a outfit custom made. The local designers in St. Louis are big time here but they are so talented and should be seen all over the world not just locally known in Stl. That's how I came up with the boutique. Also instead of me shopping for myself I'm shopping for everyone lol I finally have a job that lets me shop all day lol Boutique TenOEight is different from other online boutique because we have limited exclusive pieces. Every item a designer make will be exclusive ONLY a few pieces will be made of each. We also have same day delivery for St. Louis, St. Charles and surrounding Illinois areas. If you have a event and need a one of a kind outfit go on the website(, make the payment and we will deliver the same day.  We have a price range for every fashionista... everything will sell from $30-$150.

Angela Washington
Boutique TenOEight

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  1. I love the boutique..Awesome clothes, shoes, etc. Good job on the post!


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