Dress for Success

2:51 PM

I attended a Lunch & Learn session for the local division of Dress for Success. I wanted to volunteer to be a personal shopper and to assist in the sorting of donations. Well, they never called me back....

I have been receiving emails from them to attend Lunch & Learn sessions and other events, so I emailed the contact listed in the email to remind her that I am still interested in volunteering. She never emailed back...

I am a bit frustrated because I really wanted to volunteer and I find it rude that she never called me back after the initial lunch.....

Just wanted to get that out. Good day :)

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  1. I was just discussing about a week ago that Birmingham Dress For Success pretty much dissed me when I offered my services as a personal shopper, sorter AND alterations person. I can't fathom a non-profit being "uppity"! LOL


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