Resale Shopping

9:37 AM

Since the recession has taken full affect, I have noticed the abundance of merchandise being sold or NOT, at Plato's Closet. I appreciate the fact that I can sell things that I no longer wear and get a pretty decent piece of change. Shout out to the Mid Rivers and Kirkwood locations, they never let me down! Anyway, I made a trip to Mid Rivers yesterday and the store was PACKED full of clothing. I browsed the store while waiting for my cash and you could barely shop the racks, they were so packed. I can only think of one reason for this, they over price the merchandise they purchase. Why would anyone in their right mind pay $9 for a shirt, a used shirt, from Old Navy?? If you are a shopper, which I am, there are chances that the same shirt in Plato's for $9,was marked down to $4.97 in the store AND still brand new. Jeans, non-designer jeans, $14 and $20! What??!! Why would I pay you $20 for American Eagle jeans when I can go to Marshall's or TJMaxx and pay less than $20 for brand new ones? I am saying all of this to say, be aware of what you are buying and the price you are paying for merchandise at resale shops and thrift stores. You could be better off purchasing brand new. That is my random rant for the day, hope you enjoy your weekend, and Happy Shopping! Chic!

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