Are Skinny Jeans Hazardous To Your Health??

10:03 PM

Check out this article I came across on Yahoo.

Many of us like the way skinny jeans look, but there's no debate about their comfort level. Looser fitting denim styles, trousers, or leggings are preferable, and if you were looking for an excuse to stash your tight jeans, here's a health reason: Doctors say increasing numbers of women are coming to them with meralgia paresthetica.

Do you ever feel a numb, pins-and-needles tingling feeling along your thigh? Do you get a weird burning or itching sensation down your upper leg? This condition is caused by constant pressure cutting off the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve.

According to this MSNBC story, one skinny jean wearer, Parmeeta Ghoman, went to her doctor because it felt like she was "floating" and she couldn't feel her legs. “It felt really strange — it felt like my leg had gone to sleep,” says Ghoman. Another woman from this CBS report said her jean pain was so bad that her doctor now has her taking anti-seizure medicine to control her symptoms.

While sufferers of this condition are typically construction workers, police officers who wear .....
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