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I am currently reading this book by stylist Rachel Zoe and on page 34 there is a little advice from the founding president of Jimmy Choo. Her name is Tamara Mellon. I just wanted to share with you what she says, if you havent read it already.

She states "A shoe can completely change the look of an outfit. You don't have to wear expensive clothes with good accessories. Better to wear higher quality shoes and a cheaper dress. When the shoes and bag appear rich, no one ever presumes the clothes are down market"

I agree.

****Side note: If you are someone who just cant figure out what your style is and may not want to let anyone know that you need help, read this book. Seriously! This book is fabulous for the type of clients I assist and I am even thinking about purchasing them as gifts. Rachel Zoe says " Nevermind who you are by day. By nightfall transform your look-and attitude- and become a superstar. Mere mortals will bow"

AHHH! I love that!

One night my friend was getting dressed to go out and she said that she felt overdressed in what she had on. I told her "Girl, you can never be overdressed, just the best dressed". Now this doesnt apply if you wear a prom dress to a bar, be reasonable. She had on a simple,nude, sheer tank dress with beading. She was going to a club so it wasnt ridiculous or anything. Within reason, you really cant be overdressed. On a recent jeans day, a co-worker said I was really dressed up for jeans day. I had on a white v-neck tee, wide-leg Joe's jeans and a heather gray, 3 quarter sleeve blazer, pearl accessories and black boots. Something I would wear any day. Some people just dont get it, and if you are one of those people, buy this book. Rachel knows her stuff! Chic!****

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