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I ran across this article on one of the blogs I visit on a daily basis, The Budget Chic. This article is about a 17 year old kid who is a repeat offender for stealing from Prada, Gucci, Bergdorfs, etc, because he has to have it and he wants it. Please read it.....The Fashion Thief

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  1. This is so fascinating.. I read the entire article. This young man is so talented and he is actually a genuis. But as most genuis', his level of intelligence is too much for him to control. He could've been the next great Andre Leon Tally, or better yet the best KeVahn Thorpe. Maybe one day sfter he's done his time and matured, we'll see his n ame in the headlines again. This time for the positive. He'll realize his gift and what he can offer and he won't have to steal to be fabulous, he can actually earn the money to buy his designer-wear... I feel so sorry for him...

  2. They stated in the article that he was very smart. If given the right direction he could have earn an academic scholarship to the Fashion Institute of Technology in NY, and if he had channeled the ambition he had for stealing he could have worked his way onto Project Runway and got some expose and could have been interning here or aboard with a top notch designer. But, right now his sights are very short-term and he does not have the patiences for the bigger picture.


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