Nivea Renewal Creme

11:53 AM

I usually don't blog about anything but clothing and sales on clothing. But when I find a deal I just can't resist sharing. Last month I made a list of toiletries and I was out of; everything from soap to razors. The list easily totalled $100+. So I just picked up what I could remember each time I went into a store because I was dreading spending $100 on all that stuff at one time. Anyway, one Sunday, I was with my parents after church and we stopped by Dollar General to get soap for my daddy. I ended up getting some more things off my list plus some cleaning supplies all for about $25. One of the things that I picked up was Nivea Renewal Creme priced at $4. Yesterday, I stopped by a different dollar store, Family Dollar to get some hand soap and they had the Nivea Creme for $2.40! I love a deal so I bought 3 jars. I got to thinking that this has got to be some pretty expensive creme because Nivea lotion costs about $6 at Target. So I looked it up on Amazon and the same creme is on their site for $30!! I am going back to the store and buy every jar they have on the shelf!

Click here if you dont believe me!

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  1. No maam!!! It's not about the cost it's about the results and hands down Mary Kay Time Wise Day Solution is by far the best!!!Let me explain, I call it face-lift in a bottle!I'm gonna send you a sample and I want you to try it on one half of your face, and you'll see the side that you apply it to will become lifted and more plump> I promise you, Elise!!!And when used on a constant basis with the entire Time Wise Mracle Set($90.00) you'll see the difference...

  2. oh, and I dont use that creme on my face. no way, its for body anyhow.


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