Trend Overload

5:55 PM

As you know I am a shopper. So any given day, I will visit anywhere from 1-25 websites just browsing to find sales, things to blog about or purchase. That being said, there are so many trends out now that it is beginning to put a damper on my shopping. I like to incorporate a trend into my wardrobe every now and then. Satin leggings, for example, are a trend. I purchased a pair, I love them but guess what, in 6 months I probably won't wear them again and they will be in somebodys resale shop. I like classic pieces. Pieces that I can mix and match into my semi-corporate attire or wear to the club. Versatility is what I strive to achieve. I am SO tired of colored skinny jeans, I could scream. I am equally sick of brightly colored hoodies and anything made of gold or silver lurex. In my opinion, and only in MY opinion because this IS my blog, its overboard. Shopping makes me happy no matter what but when I go to websites or into a store it pisses me off and makes me NOT want to shop when I see the crap that's being sold. I SHOULD never feel like that. The End

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  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel! I stopped going into H&M and forever 21 as much as I used to, all the stores are just filled with CRAP. Here's hoping that spring 09 will be refreshing.


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