Keyshia's Stylist

7:31 PM

I am a fan of Keyshia Cole but I am NOT a fan of WHOEVER her stylist is. I was feeling Keyshia's style even when she just rocking white wife beaters, jeans and knee boots. But this new look is not a good one. For example, last night at the BET Honors, Keyshia performed in a sheet. A shiny sheet. One of two things should happen. One, Keyshia should stop hanging with Paris and Nicky if she is not gonna pick up a style tip or two and Two, fire her stylist. Soon as I find a pic of that shiny sheet, I WILL post it. In the pics below you can clearly see that some things cannot be worn by girls who are top heavy. You should not have boobage (I made that word up especially for this) falling out the side of your dress. Queen Latifah is a prime example of what you SHOULD look like in a strapless dress. She is bigger than Keyshia but you dont see Queen with boobage, do you? And for the black and white number, naw Keyshia, naw!

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