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I was browsing and came across a shoe line called Davis by Ruthie Davis. I'm thinking to myself, Who is Ruthie Davis and why are shoes $900? So I googled her of course.

Ruthie Davis started at Reebok in 1997. She was director of the REEBOK CLASSIC division. She then worked as Vice Rresident of Design and Marketing at UGG AUSTRALIA. She is the reason that UGG is as huge is it is today. Davis then moved on to be Vice President of women's footwear Design and Marketing at TOMMY HILFIGER where she launched Tommy Girl Shoes" for junior girls.

Ruthie Davis has created a signature Designer Collection and the price point is nothing to sneeze at. Chic?

DAVIS By Ruthie Davis Women's Sushi Mary Jane Peep Toe Pump $895

DAVIS By Ruthie Davis Women's High-Line Sandal $795

DAVIS By Ruthie Davis Women's Spring Pump $685

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  1. I like her color palette, but its nothing I haven't seen before, and definitely not worth $900. Man, everybody wants to get in the expensive shoes business game!


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