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Ynobe Sky

The Ynobe Sky label offers a very unique blend of edgy-couture stylings blended with an upscale urban appeal. The attached gallery shows only a glimpse of the type of work that Ynobe Sky produces. Our designs are intensely focused and draw much of its spunk from varied artistic backgrounds and natural talents. Ynobe Sky is managed by three very talented young men all whom are natives of the St. Louis area. This management team consists of Riah Cain, CEO and Executive Designer, Cary Bell, VP of Business Operations, and Travis Gude, VP of Marketing and Chief Designer II. These young men have devoted great concentration into ensuring that Ynobe Sky’s clothing is not only always cutting edge, but is always of quality as well. A mutual goal of the three is to play a vital role in establishing St. Louis as a fashion forward city.

Ynobe Sky is a participant of Project:Design!

Project:Design! is a competition, showcase and network developed to support the success, recognize the originality and reward the best of these innovators from the next generation of fashion.

St. Louis Fashion Week is coming up March 23-28 and Ynobe Sky is in the running. They are currently in 3rd place as of today, lets try to get them to that number one spot! SUPPORT YNOBE SKY AND VOTE!!!

Vote for local designer Ynobe Sky at the link below.

Vote for Ynobe Sky

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