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I was browsing the web today and ran across this online magazine that I have known about for awhile. I havent been on their site since early last year but anyway, the fashion section has a post called Fashion Essentials by Poodle Pushers. Poodle Pushers are an Image Consultant firm in DC. I was inspired by their post and I want to share it with you. Chic!

Poodle Pusher:Fashion Essentials

Tis’ the season that follows after the summer heat waves, the time has now come for fashionistas alike to wrap around in the warmth of fur coats, beautifully tailored jackets and 100% wool scarves. A Poodle Pusher lives and will scramble for “layers” like it’s our birth right, the good old saying less is more doesn’t apply during this time of the year. In fact we boycott anything small and lightweight, what’s this time we speak of, you’ve guessed it, Fall!!!!

There is a popular misconception floating out there that during the fall and winter months fashion and style should get replaced for sweatpants or baggy unflattering garments, pieces from previous seasons that no longer belong, or there is a lack of variety of clothes to wear during this time of the year? Such thoughts should no longer be condoned. The reality is that there are actually more fashionable pieces to play and mix with in your wardrobe; which brings us back to our obsession with layers!!! Not to worry we will explain why? To get started we wanted to spill the beans on a few trends we see as a huge hit and point out a few essential pieces that EVERY wardrobe should have this fall.

*Ruffed Up*
Worn in the “Elizabeth” days to demonstrate the status of a woman in society; ruffles are still holding strong as a fashion staple appealing to the modish desires of today’s woman. Not only has this historic trend grabbed attention in the fall/winter 09 runway fashion shows, it has been worn by fashionistas and celebrities alike and can also be seen interpreted in a variety of ways: ruffled collar shirts, sleeves, coats, skirts and dresses to name a few.

Boyfriend Denim – Don’t ask why his shirt and boxer briefs are so much more comfortable than ours? Maybe it’s the fit, or the mere face that it’s his. Whatever the reason is….We just can’t get enough of wearing them and now we can add his jeans to the list!!! The Boyfriend denim is the laid back, grungy or disheveled denim that pays homage to him. It’s the quintessential approach to looking feminine chic with a masculine edge; not to mention can be uber comfortable as well. To get this look, take an old pair of jeans with a baggy loose fit and cuff them. Another option will be to run a pair of scissors across them and cut them to shorts (also looks great when paired with leggings); don’t be scared about making a mistake because there is no such thing! Feel free to customize it according to your taste. Lastly, slash lines across the thigh or pocket area and add the finishing touches by washing them and putting it in the dryer to fray the lines.

I was inspired by this trend and you know how much I LOVE ruffles. I will post pics once I put my Boyfriend Denim look together!

For more Essentials CLICK HERE

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