NYE..........Sorry So Late!

12:47 PM

I was thinking about doing a post today for New Year's Eve TODAY but I feel like its absolutely too late!!

Sorry guys, it slipped my mind!!! BUT, I will give you a couple of dress choices and throw in some pieces that you may already have in your closet to give you some Style Inspiration for tonight. These are just quick last minute ideas for you ladies.

If you are feeling the wrath of the recession like some of us, you may not be able to run out and buy anything. Work with what you have and make it CHIC!!

In your closet: Jeans

Pair with:
a button front shirt, blazer, and clutch. And if your anything like me, pearl accessories!

Great look for NYE, Sequins will make you stand out and tights with some color will definitely make a statement.

You can never go wrong with a simple dress like this. Accessories and shoes make the ensemble.

In your closet: Cardigan

Pair with:
a sequin tank, leggings or skinny jeans, a clutch and peep toe pumps.
a plain tank, multi-strand necklace, large hoops and bangles, and booties

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