The Cost of Chic

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Chic Stylez
Fee Schedule

Personal Shopping
Fee: $25/an hour
-back to school
-special events: homecoming, prom, etc.

Wardrobe Consultation + Shopping Trip
Fee: $35/an hour
Wardrobe Consultation w/o Shopping Trip
Fee: $30/an hour (no minimum)
Closet Wardrobe Review at your Home
Fee: $30/ an hour (2-3 hour minimum)

Utilitarian Shopping
Fee $40/an hour
-grocery shopping
-purchasing necessities for new homes
-party preparations (birthday, graduation,Christmas, office, welcome home, engagement parties, baby showers, etc.)

Minimum Fee: $25*
*The minimum fee is applied to any assignment that takes less than an hour to complete
*Fees are Non-Refundable

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