How to For Fall

6:21 PM

Fall guides are upon us and several of them have some great ideas I wanted to share with all of you Chic and Not So Chic ladies. Why? Because I love you all and I would hate for you to say you didn't know because no one told you. Here are a few...... Chic!


  • Florals, no pastels for the fall

  • Belted

  • With thick black tights

  • To your knees or longer


  • Feminine

  • Sheer with a cami underneath

  • Tucked in or belted

  • Pale Shades with ruffles ( you know I LOVE RUFFLES)


  • with a fitted cardigan

  • with a superwide or skinny belt

  • with peep toe heels

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  1. Love the fall fashion guide! Are we still looking about knee high boots with the jeans tucked in? I'm in love with shoes and would like to know some of your top picks for fall. Maybe we could exchange links?


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