Why do your feet look like you have been rock climbing barefoot?????

1:15 PM

Today I want to rant about women who refuse, for whatever reason, not to schedule pedicures on a regular basis. Over the weekend I witnessed several women of several different races that look as if they have been walking this Earth barefoot for centuries, running around kicking rocks and such. I do not understand why the skin on the bottom and around the sides of your feet look like that. There is no reason whatsoever why you cannot moisturize your feet! There are hundreds upon hundreds of foot care products available. And if you can't fathom spending the $5 or $6 for a tube of Dr. Scholl's, there is always vaseline! Come on Ladies! This is just ridiculous.

I do understand that some women cannot receive pedicures for health reasons. But if this does not apply to you then YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE. Purchase a foot spa if you can't afford the weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly trip to the nail shop. Please purchase a pumice stone or better yet a lava rock. The latter tends to be more expensive but your feet will feel and look great after using it.

If you have a serious foot issue that over the counter, off the shelf products cannot resolve. Please visit a podiatrist. And don't say that you can't afford to go to the damn foot doctor! You go to the damn beauty shop two to four times a month. Some of you go to the nail shop twice a month and DON'T GET YOUR DAMN FEET DONE. You find money for the things you want to do. So that's no excuse.

AND STOP WEARING CHEAP ASS SHOES! I do realize that they are cute and budget friendly, BUT, and that's a HUGE BUT, you can find quality shoes for around the same price. I know these things, I'm a shopper. If you are too lazy to invest the time into your wardrobe and the appearance of your feet, call someone. Someone like me, and I can assist you. Those cheap ass shoes are wrecking your feet and if you are someone who can wear cheap ass shoes without being affected, lucky you. I, for one, am not one of them and I have reaped the repercussions. I was younger and dumber, thinking only of the price and/or style and not the quality.

So, ladies, please get it together. If you are in fear of Asian women or men touching your feet, visit an American owned spa/salon. They do exist. I can guarantee you that a $40 pedicure will last longer than that $23 pedicure. I know first hand. I know a woman that is fierce with a lava rock.



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  1. HA!

    You are so right about those cheap shoes.

  2. hahahahha... I totally agree. I am a witness to the crusty-feet catastrophe in the office. I just want to scream at these women.And they have the nerve to have on cute shoes..hahhahahahhah


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