My stilettos may look hot, but they hurt like a ________!

12:20 PM

I have come to the conclusion this fine Friday morning (actually it was last night,but anyway)that I will no longer keep and/or purchase ANY footwear that hurt my feet and/or toes. I will walk around the store with both shoes on and I will no longer speed shop through the shoe department. I have also decided that I am going to purchase Cole Haan shoes in the future for the sake of my poor soles. I may not be able to buy as many pair as I like. But I will consistently look for them at the end of the season sales at Dillards and a couple of other places I know that carry them.

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  1. I hear that!

    Talking about Cole Haan shoes. I 've been spotting quite a few styles in the Marshalls mega shoe stores at Sunset Hills and Heritage Plaza. You may not have to wait for end of season sales.


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