To Spend or Not To Spend

7:58 AM

I know that sometimes when we shop we battle with ourselves over prices. What should we spend more on and what should we save on? Is this really an investment or a waste? The following is a list of some wardrobe essentials that you should either SAVE or SPEND on.

T-Shirts-SAVE your money. T-Shirts don't have a long shelf life and underarm stains are inevitable, especially when it comes to the white ones.

Trendy Items-SAVE your money. Try to stick with discount retailers when purchasing trendy items. They may not be around next season so you don't want waste a lot of money on them.

Evening Dresses-SAVE your money. Don't pay full price for something you'll have on for a couple of hours and may never wear again. Evening events only last for a couple of hours and don't happen all that often. Head to the sales racks in the department stores or check out TjMaxx or Marshalls for a good deal.

Now for the things you can splurge on.

Jeans-SPEND. Great fitting jeans are hard to come by. Cheaper jeans just don't have the right amount of stretch or length. Save up for a great pair of jeans that will stand the test of time.

Bras-SPEND. Bras are a good investment because they can affect your overall look. If you have a bigger bust its more important to have a good fit. If your bust is smaller, a quality bra can make the most of what you have.

Black Pants-SPEND. Black pants are timeless and a high quality pair of black pants can last for years.

Remember these things when you're out shopping this weekend, Chic!

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