What to Wear with High-Waisted Jeans

8:35 AM

High-Waisted Jeans and Pants were in last year and it doesn't look like they're going anywhere for the coming season. Some may be confused on what exactly looks good with them or may not know that there are several ways to rock the high-waist look.

Chic 1-High waisted jeans with a long cardigan. The cardigan is thigh-length, you may want to go longer, depends on your preference. Keep it simple underneath with a basic tee and maybe a braided belt.

Chic 2-High-waisted jeans with a white blouse. A crisp, white, button down tucked into the jeans, gives a crisp look; add a fitted jacket for more of a glam look.

Chic 3- High-waisted jeans with a dolman sleeve top. A top that is sort of billowy and not so form fitting creates a counterpoint for the snugness of the jeans, the end result is relaxed and comfortable.

Chic 4- High-waisted jeans with a cropped jacket. The boxy shape of the jacket softens the whole outfit and also makes your hips seem narrower. Add a basic tee and a pair of pumps/boots.

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