Image Consultant for C-Michael Style:Special Report by Natashia

2:54 PM

Okay, let’s not dwell on the negative. I can see her inner fashionista! As an artist, I encourage everyone to express themselves freely… Okay, now that I said that, this lovely young lady obviously has it going on… Her body type is an “X”…(See my blog on under “YANX” ). She has the chest, bottom and the small waist. She does not need to emphasis everything all at once; and SO LOUD! Her assets alone are attention-getters; she does not have to try so hard. Her biggest mistake was to highlight her “twins” so we could “yield” to her thighs! Less is always more-meaning; keep it simple. Bright color, print, tight clothing, suspendered-short skirt, leggings, and highlighted “boobs”=too much going on. And to top it off, she’s got CURVES!!!

X-types must be careful of tight clothing on the bottom and the top AT THE SAME TIME!…Your body-shape is dangerous, and an outfit that has too much attention on the obvious may convey the wrong impression. Your goal is to flaunt one asset at a time and keep your body a mystery. Don’t give it all away with your clothes on-hahhahaha

Ms. Lovely here could have easily kept the skirt, pulled it down, ditch the suspenders, top and leggings for a simple blouse, black fishnets and black patent pumps.

Check out these curve emphasizing looks… Keep in mind that they all are simple, but so sexy

Emphasizing the cleavage,while showing off the silhouette

Playful top; simple bottom

I'll call her “Ms. I Know”; because she is conveying the “I know it and you wish you had it” attitude! Honestly, I think she can get away with it all. She’s in great shape, slim, her body type is an X (she’s a small X), but nevertheless, she’s an X….LOL. She’s young and apparently has an outgoing personality. Her vest is a little outdated; it’s reminiscent of the 90’s New Jack Swing Era. I would suggest she give this outfit back to Ciara. However, all she really needed to do was get rid of the vest and cover up with a basic baby tee. She could also try some of these fun and flirty ideas

First and foremost, we must start with the proper foundation! Spanx and a brassiere are needed here ASAP. This top does nothing but show how low her “girls” can go…. I would suggest she try the Wacoal line of bras. Secondly, is she at a Harley convention? I think not. She could have made herself a bit more feminine by simply losing the oversized motorcycle jacket, wearing a bra and some jeans that flatter. For her figure, I would recommend a straight leg that contours her hips and bottom, but will make her look lean and more sophisticated when paired with a nice simple tee or lacey blouse… Check these out:

Wacoal Push Up Bra

Thanks to Natashia of C-Michael Image Consulting for her special post. Check her out on Myspace!

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