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Natashia from Florence, South Carolina shared her style inspiration. Check her out at
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Homage to Coco Chanel…(Classic)

Today I’m wearing a basic black dress with a crisp white blouse layered underneath. I have on black wide-leg trousers and red patent pumps. I added five strands of gold and pearl necklaces (all of different lengths) and lastly, but definitely not least simple pearl earrings. This inspired me to write about the legendary designer today.

By far, Coco Chanel is my favorite designer of all time. I’m talking pre-Karl Lagerfeld era (even though I love Karl as well). Classic is synonymous with Chanel. It absolutely never goes out of style… Chanel was the only fashion designer named on Times’ Most Influential People of the 20th Century list. And when you think about it, she really has influenced every great designer in business today. You can see it in Donna Karen’s basic Essentials line, to Dior and Lacroix’s haute couture gowns. She made popular the little basic black dress, the boxy boucle suit jacket with the little skirt. She elevated accessorizing as a major part of style. In fact, Chanel was known for conveying that fashion comes and goes, but style is forever. She epitomizes classic style. Her vintage pieces are even more intriguing and awe-inspiring today, than when they were first introduced. Her classic style has influenced every fashion and image consultant when creating a wardrobe for a new client. Every woman has to have a basic black dress, white tee, black pumps, and pearls. These are the basics of any wardrobe, and were the foundation for Chanel’s fashion.

Merci beaucoup Chanel fait féminine vos historique et classique- chic ses d’appeler!!!
(Thank you Chanel, for sharing your groundbreaking and classic-chic sense of style!!!)

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